Cedar is a slow grown naturally durable timber, light in weight and easy to finish making it ideal to use for exterior cladding of buildings. The Cedar tree produces long clear lengths of timber which are dimensionally stable with a straight grain which can be used to create a contemporary look in timber cladding. When Cedar is freshly machined, it produces timber in a range of colours from reds, pinks, and browns to yellows. It is usually left untreated when used as external cladding, and these colours weather over time to a silvery-grey colour.
We supply Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) which is imported from Canada. It has a higher natural durability than home grown cedar, hence it has an expected service life of 60 years. It meets class 1 natural durability to EN350-2, and is machined to comply with the Harmonised Standard EN 14915:2006. We are pleased to supply the Declaration of Performance DOP/SW/CL/01 as required.