Redwood is a popular choice for timber cladding as it is, strong and easy to work and finish making it ideal to use for exterior cladding of buildings.
When Redwood is freshly machined, it produces timber in a range of colours with the sapwood colours’ being creamy yellow to white, and the heartwood from yellowy brown to reddish brown. If left untreated when used as external cladding, these colours weather very rapidly and well to a grey colour.
Redwood is the collective name given to the Scandinavian Pine tree. It produces lengths of timber which are aesthetically noted for their knots and resin. It is usual to finish the cladding with a wood preservative to increase is service life as the specie is only slightly durable naturally.
Our Redwood cladding meets class 4 durability to EN350-2, and is machined to comply with the Harmonised Standard EN 14915:2006. We are pleased to supply the Declaration of Performance DOP/SW/CL/02 as required.