Saw Falling Larch is a naturally moderately durable timber with attractive visible figuring. This grade of larch is a readily available timber, competitively priced characterised with more knots than the unsorted product.
Larch has a high density which makes it a robust product for cladding a building.
It is a softwood timber which produces a range of colours from light reddish brown right through to golden browns. It is usually left untreated when used as external cladding, and these colours weather out over time to a grey colour.
We supply saw falling Siberian Larch (Larix Sibircia) a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia . It is naturally durable due to the resins and extracts inherent in the timber which creates a high resistance to decay, giving it an expected service life of over 50 years. It meets class 2 natural durability to BS EN350-2, and is machined to comply with the Harmonised Standard EN 14915:2006. We are pleased to supply the Declaration of Performance DOP/SW/CL/04 as required.