High Quality Timber Cladding Merchants UK

Cladding Accessories

Give your timber cladding a professional finish with our cladding accessories. We can also mill your chosen cladding accessories to your exact specs and requirements, so you can be reassured our products represent high quality.

When it comes to cladding accessories our cladding corners are second to none when it comes to quality and safety. The corner moulds are designed to enhance the building’s appearance, improve safety and provide complete protection. The range includes L-shaped corner fillets, flush covers, proud covers and more.

As part of cladding accessories range, we supply fixing battens to make your project easier. Whether you’re working on a big contract or a smaller residential project, our fixing battens can help complete each individual task with ease.

Our fixing battens are a firm favourite with our customers because each one is pressure treated to the highest standards, offering unrivaled longevity and durability in all weathers. The fixing battens ensure your cladding job looks as good as it did the day it was installed. All fixing battens meet required building legislations.