High Quality Timber Cladding Merchants UK

Cladding Corners

At Sharvatt Woolwich we stock a variety of cladding corners suited to our entire range of timber cladding. Cladding corners are suitable for wooden structures featuring timber cladding, whereas if you’re dealing with brickwork you’d benefit from both our cladding corners and fixing battens.

Our collection includes corner fillets, flush cover fillets, L-shape corner fillets and proud cover fillets. We like to give our customers a choice, so you’ll always find the perfect-fit for your cladding project. The corner fillet style is one of the most commonly used corner on cladding because they’re easy to install. The proud covers are ideal for those of you who want to create more of a statement on the building, as it overhangs ‘proudly.’ The L-shape corner fillets also do a great job of creating a decorative finish, as well as providing added protection.

If you’re searching for matching corners for your cladding then you’ve come to the right place. We stock all kinds of timbers including Western Red Cedar, redwood, whitewood, larch and Thermowood. We only use the highest quality grade timber, so you can expect our cladding corners to have a long service life. This longevity can be increased further as our cladding corners are compatible with staining and preservatives.