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Standard Shiplap

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Standard Shiplap Cladding

Standard shiplap cladding is renowned for its weather resisting properties. It locks out cold air and damp,

This type of cladding is noted for its smooth looks, making it a firm favourite for modern buildings and also a great choice for updating older buildings.

Our standard shiplap cladding is available in all manner of timber profiles including redwood, cedar and larch, to name but a few. We like to ensure our customers are treated to choice when it comes to cladding. We know each project is unique, so this is why we can offer timber milled on-site to your exact requirements. You can also order direct from our website and get your timber delivered to your site.

Standard shiplap cladding is one of the easiest to install. It uses tongue and groove style joints, which makes for a simple fitting process. This means it’s suitable for bigger commercial projects and smaller residential projects, alike. The cladding slides together with ease, ensuring an expert finish – even if you consider yourself more of an amateur carpenter.

Our shiplap cladding has a distinct advantage of offering more thermal protection for any building, without compromising on the interior space. In the long term, this means shiplap can be one of the most sustainable forms of cladding out there.